TZE laminated

P-Touch's laminated labels Brother are designed for durability, no matter where they are used.

With extraordinary resistance to water, abrasion, chemicals, fading and extreme temperatures, they will never let you down. Laminated tapes Brother Tze have been tested to the limit.

Lamination technology for Brother TZe tapes

Tze laminated tapes consist of six layers, which together form a thin yet extremely strong label. The marks are applied by thermal transfer and placed between two protective layers of PET (polyester film). As a result, we get a virtually indestructible label that will work in even the most difficult conditions.

For easier application, all labels have a notch on the bottom to make it easier to remove the primer layer before sticking. Tapes in cassettes are in different colors of substrate and print. Available in the following sizes: 6,9,12,18,24,and 36 mm wide. The length of the tape depends on the type - as a standard it is 8 m, specialized tapes - the PRO range of tapes have a length of 5 and 3 m.

Examples of applications of laminated tapes Brother TZe are illustrated in the following photographs:

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