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How do thermal label printers work?

Thermal printing is a method of printing involving the transfer of heat from the thermal head to the thermal paper covered with a suitable chemical substance. When heating elements form text or graphics, a thermochemical reaction occurs, thanks to which the shapes become visible on the label. The head consists of many miniature heating elements. Their task is to touch the thermal paper, on which, under the influence of heat, the mapping takes place, i.e. printing.

What are the consumables for thermal label printers?

With this printing method, the only cost of operation is the thermal label. There is no need to buy expensive toner or ink. The only color that can be obtained with thermal printing is black. Thermal printing is the cheapest printing method. The Brother company offers printers with the QL marking, which are thermal printers.

Consumables for label printers Brother QL in the form of labels of various sizes and continuous tapes are marked dk. Labels and continuous tapes are used in offices and warehouses. They are ideal for logistics when addressing correspondence, marking parcels and products, racks, binders, warehouses, offices and in many other cases.

Labels and tapes for thermal printers are available in many sizes and types - from continuous uniform tapes with a white and yellow backing, through standard addressing labels, to specialized round and square shapes ideal for laboratories, offices and the home.

Use of QL label printers

Printers work with PCs and MACs. The included USB cable is used for the connection, some models can work without a computer. The included program allows you to easily and quickly create your own label and content patterns. It also allows you to edit, import and export barcodes. It cooperates with address programs and databases.

Label printer for office and small business: The success of any office under time pressure consists of elements such as tracking document flows, sending letters and packages, and creating a well-organized work environment. Brother QL label printers are versatile, cost-effective and allow you to print high-quality labels. for this reason, in many companies, Brother labeling devices are an important tool in everyday work.

Use shaped labels to mark documents and binders, cabinets, shelves, and the work environment. Create address labels directly from Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook. It is also possible to create identifiers for guests in individual pieces or in larger quantities, using the existing database, add company logos, photos or other graphic elements that will give them a professional look. In addition, QL label printers and the continuous tapes offered for them are ideal for creating color or transparent markings. You can even add symbols commonly used in industry to your text, making the message even more readable.

Label printer for warehouse and logistics: Our QL label printers are cost-effective solutions for warehouses, distribution centers and logistics centers, enabling the printing of high-quality labels to facilitate the management of inventory, letter and parcel shipments. It also allows you to create personalized barcode labels and shipping labels. The high resolution of the printed barcodes allows you to eliminate errors during scanning. for these reasons, QL label printers are considered indispensable in logistics. 

With one printer, you can print a variety of labels and for different purposes: labels for packages and cartons, shelf lists, containers, workbooks or name identifiers. It is possible to quickly print large quantities of  standard shipping labels that comply with any barcode protocol. You can also easily create and print banners and signage. Choose transparent tape to create a window marking or colored tape if you want your label in stock to be given special attention. 

Label printer for the food and catering industry: checking the freshness of products, their proper labelling with information about composition and price, are just some of the many requirements set in the food industry. QL Brother printers are widely used in the food and restaurant industry. Using label printers, you can quickly and easily print labels for products containing ingredients, nutritional allergens, barcode labels, shelf life labels or price labels. Some models of QL label printers have the function of printing the date and time, which allows you to track the expiration dates of goods. Catering companies : labels for catering boxes. With QL label printers you can print professional labels containing order details, make your labels stand out by adding, for example, your company logo to them.    

Retail label printers: In retail, communicating product prices and special offers quickly is crucial. Print price labels, also with barcodes, and mark products with them. You can also easily print labels with special offers, discounts, promotions or discount codes, labels for cardboard boxes or shelves in the warehouse. To highlight information about special offers or promotions and create eye-catching signage in the rooms, opt for red printing. Two-color printing is available with the QL-800 Series  label printers and DK22251 continuous tape.

Brother QL-820NWB
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Professional class thermal printer QL820NWB, prints in two colors: black and red.
€205.65 netto €252.95 z VAT
Thermal Printer QL-810W Brother
3-5 working days
The QL810W professional-grade thermal printer prints in two colors: black and red.
€93.36 netto €114.83 z VAT
Thermal Printer QL-1100 Brother
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The QL1100 is a professional thermal label printer that prints on labels up to 103.6 mm wide at a speed of 110 mm/s.
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copy of Thermal Printer QL-1100 Brother
3-4 working days
The QL1100 is a professional thermal label printer that prints on labels up to 103.6 mm wide at a speed of 110 mm/s.
€18.56 netto €22.83 z VAT
Thermal Printer QL-1110NWB Brother
3-4 working days
The QL1110NWB is a large-format, professional thermal label printer that prints on labels up to 103.6 mm wide at a speed of 110 mm/s. PRINTS COURIER LABELS AND BARCODES. Wi-Fi| USB | Bluetooth
€251.01 netto €308.75 z VAT