Custom labels

Make your catering box labels stimulate customers' appetite at first sight. Order attractive colorful catering labels with graphics, your logotype and a place to print a description of the content or composition of the diet yourself. Self-adhesive labels are made of materials resistant to temperature changes or moisture, so you can be sure that meals will reach your customers with a clear and attractive description of the content.

jak zmówić etykiety z własnym nadrukiem

Already have a label printer? We will choose the right label size for your device.
You are just starting your adventure with labeling - we will match a comprehensive solution for your business.

If you already have a ready project, we will prepare a visualization of your labels or create a project together according to your guidelines and submitted materials (after paying for the order).

When you accept the visualization of your labels and pay for the order, we start production.
The delivery time of your order is 2 - 3 weeks.
Labels have just arrived to you, it's time to set up your printer - if you have questions or doubts, we are always here to help.