Taśma laminowana AZ-911 srebrna szer.6mm
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Tze-M951 Brother silver matte black print 24mm replacement

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Symbol: AZEM951
Width: 24 mm
Length: 8 m
Print Color: Black
Background color: matt silver
Type: matt
Type: Laminated

Laminated tape AZe M951
such as TZe-M951, for PT printers

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Tze-M951 Brother silver matte black print 24mm replacement

Tze-M951 Brother silver matte black print 24mm replacement

Symbol: AZEM951
Width: 24 mm
Length: 8 m
Print Color: Black
Background color: matt silver
Type: matt
Type: Laminated

Laminated tape AZe M951
such as TZe-M951, for PT printers

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Warranty up to 5 years
21 years of experience
30 days for return
Free delivery from 350 zł

Description: AZe-M951 laminated tape is a replacement for the Tze-M951 Brother laminated tape for Brother PT (P-Touch) label printers

Size: width 24 mm / length 8 m
Colors: black print of silver matte tape

AZe tapes are 100% compatible with P-touch label printers Brother .
Resistant to: abrasion, water, moisture, dirt, high and low temperatures, aggressive chemicals (corrosive, acids), UV radiation,
warm, cold and other harsh conditions, just like the laminated tape Brother TzeM951.

High quality laminate made of polyester film – PET.
The tape consists of 7 layers with a total thickness of about 160 micrometers

Ideal for applications in harsh and extreme conditions, for permanent marking of installations, equipment, tools, fixed assets, barcodes, safety symbols, etc. Wherever the durability and legibility of the marking is very important.

Our replacements guarantee excellent print quality.

Warranty 12 months

Compatible with printer models:

PT-1230PC, PT123PC, PT-2030VP, PT203VP, PT-3600, PT3600,

PT-9700PC, PT970PC, PT-9800PCN,PT9800PCN,PT-D200, PTD200,

PT-D200VP, PTD200VP, PT-D450VP, PTD200VP, PT-D600VP, PTD600VP,

PT-E100VP, PTE600VP, PT-E300VP, PTE300VP, PT-E550WVP, PTE550WVP,

PT-H105, PTH105, PT-H300, PTH300, PT-H500, PTH500, PT-H75, PTH75,

PT-P700, PTP700, PT-P750W, PTP750W, PT-D200BW, PTD200BW,

PT-D200BWVP, PTD200BWVP, PT-D210, PTD210, PT-D450VP, PTD450VP,

PT-D600VP, PTD600VP, PT-H101GB, PTH101GB, PT-H105WB,PTH105WB,

GL-100, GL100, PT-200, PT200, PT-1000, PT1000, PT-1000BM, PT1000BM,

PT-1010, PT1010, PT-1010B, PT1010B, PT-1010NB, PT101NB, PT-1010R,

PT1010R, PT-1010S, PT1010S, PT-1090, PT1090, PT-1090BK, PT1090BK,

PT-1100, PT1100, PT-1100SB, PT1100SB, PT-1100SBVP,PT1100SBVP, PT-1100ST,

PT1100ST, PT-1120, PT1120, PT-1130, PT1130, PT-1160, PT1160, PT-1170,

PT1170, PT-1170S, PT1170S, PT-1180, PT1180, PT-1190, PT1190, PT-11Q,

PT11Q, PT-1200, PT1200, PT-1280, PT1280, PT-1280SR, PT1280SR,PT-1280VP,

PT1280VP, PT-128AF, PT128AF, PT-1290,PT1290, ST-1150, ST1150, ST-1150DX,

ST-1150DX, PT-7100, PT7100, H-100m, H100,H-105, H105, E-100, E100, E-105,

E105, D-200, D200, E-200, E200, PT-300, PT300, PT-300B, PT300B, PT-310, PT310,

PT-310B, PT310B,PT-320, PT320,PT-340, PT340, PT-1300, PT1300, PT-1700,

PT1700, PT-1750, PT1750, PT-1760, PT1760, PT-1800, PT1800, PT-1810, PT1810,

PT-1830, PT1830, PT-1830C, PT1830C, PT-1830SC, PT1830SC, PT-1830VP,

PT1830VP, PT-1880, PT1880, PT-1900m, PT1900m, PT-1910, PT1910, PT-1950,

PT1950, PT-1960, PT1960, PT-2030, PT2030, PT-2030AD, PT2030AD, PT-2030VP,

PT2030VP, PT-2100, PT2100, PT-2110, PT2110, ST-5, ST5, PT-18R, PT18R, H-300,

H300, E-300, E300, PT-330, PT330, PT-350, PT350, PT-520, PT520, PT-540, PT540,

PT-580C, PT580C, PT-1400, PT1400, PT-1500PC, PT1500PC, PT-1600, PT1600,

PT-1650, PT1650, PT-2200, PT2200, PT-2210, PT2210, PT-2300, PT2300, PT-2310,

PT2310, PT-2400, PT2400, PT-2410, PT2410, PT-2430PC, PT2430PC, PT-2500PC,

PT2500PC, PT-2600, PT2600, PT-2610, PT2610, PT-2700, PT2700, PT-2710,

PT2710, PT-2730, PT2730, PT-2730VP, PT2730VP, PT-7500, PT7500, PT-7600,

PT7600, H-500, H500, E-500, E500, P-700, P700, P-750W, P750W, PT-530,

PT530, PT-550, PT550, PT-3600, PT3600, PT-9200PC, PT9200PC, PT-9200DX,

PT9200DX, PT-9400, PT9400, PT-9500PC, PT9500PC, PT-9600, PT9600,

PT-9700PC, PT9700PC, PT-9800PCN, PT9800PCN

All manufacturers' own names are proprietary and have been used for the sole purpose of identifying the product.

Specyfikacja techniczna
Print color
24 mm
Tape length
8 m
Tape type
Compatible printers (types)
P-Touch Brother
Original tape series
Tape color
silver matt
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