PARTEX ProMark T-1000 Marker Printer
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PARTEX ProMark T-1000 Marker Printer

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ProMark T-1000 PARTEX printer prints on profiles and adhesive tapes at a maximum speed of 40 mm/s, print resolution 300 dpi

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PARTEX ProMark T-1000 Marker Printer

PARTEX ProMark T-1000 Marker Printer

ProMark T-1000 PARTEX printer prints on profiles and adhesive tapes at a maximum speed of 40 mm/s, print resolution 300 dpi

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21 years of experience
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Partex ProMark T-1000

The ProMark T-1000 is the newest addition to the ProMark family. The device prints markers for cables, wires, connectors and electrical components. The printer's menu is now available in Polish. New printer Partex PROMART T-1000 has kept its previous advantages such as: low weight, small dimensions and built-in internal memory, which allows for work in the field. The library of electrical symbols has been expanded by new special characters, which makes the work of electricians easier.
The indexes of all the markers on which the T-1000 prints are entered in the machine's menu, making it easy to choose the right material and size. Once the marker type is selected, the T-1000 automatically sets the text position and adjusts the cutting depth.
A convenient, high-resolution backlit screen and simple QWERTY keyboard allow you to quickly enter additional markers. The clear interface makes the printer extremely easy to use. Advanced designs can be sent to the T-1000 from the latest Polish language version of WinSign software, which works with Excel files using the "copy and paste" function.
The printer has its twin version ProMark T-1000C with the Russian version of the alphabet (Cyrillic) on the keyboard.

ProMark T-1000 is an indispensable work tool for installers and manufacturers of switchgear and automation cabinets

Easy to use, ideal for marking electrical installations and components of switchboards and control cabinets

Specifications Partex ProMark T-1000

Temperature range
Operating temperature: 15°C- 32.5°C (optional profile warmer: from 5°C)
Storage temperature: 5°C - 35°C
Recommended profile temperature: 20°C
Thermal transfer print
Resolution 300 dpi
Printing speed
18.5 mm/sec - low mode
25 mm/sec - medium mode
40 mm/sec - high mode
Text height
1.3, 2, 3 or 6 mm (narrow or wide)
Maximum number of lines of text
3 lines for profiles and adhesive tape
Computer support
Yes, Polish version of software + WinSign PROMARK T1000 + USB cable
Internal memory
Max. 15000 characters
Number of characters to be transferred from PC
Unlimited with WinSign PROMARK T1000
Power supply
Power supply 100~240 V AC (50~60 Hz)
Power: 13 W
CE certified
Dimensions and weight
(L x W x H): 250 x 300 x 85 mm Weight: 2 kg


Printer PROMARK T1000
starter black ribbon 40 m
profile guide
power supply
power cable
USB cable

Printable profiles:
- PO profiles with diameters 1.3 - 5.5 mm
- POZ halogen-free profiles with diameters 1.3 - 5.5 mm
- PHZ round halogen-free heat shrink tubing with diameters 2.4 - 6.4 mm before shrinking
- PHZF flattened halogen-free heat shrinkable tubes with diameters 2.4 - 6.4 mm before shrinking
- PP+ profile with height 4.6 and 9.0 mm for PT+/PTC/PTZ, PM, PTM and PS markers
- PP+ profile with height 6.3 , 10.0 and 11.0 mm high profile suitable for Phoenix Contact, Entrelec and Wago (TopJobs)
- PPA+ self-adhesive PVC tape
- PO-068 - profile used for marking cables with PKH or POH holders (PRZ in halogen-free version)
- PROMARK-PLL - self-laminating label for wires and cables
- PROMARK-PL self-adhesive tape with widths of 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm available in the form of cartridges placed in the printer

Why choose cable marker printer PARTEX ProMark T-1000?

  1. Space-saving and easy to store - due to its small dimensions of 250 mm (W) x 300 mm (D) x 85 mm (H), the printer weighs less than 2 kg, making it easy to transport and use in unusual locations and conditions. In addition, the printer increases productivity.
  2. Fast printing - standard throughput is 30 markers per minute (20 mm marker length with 5 characters, notched). When set to higher speeds, the printer will print 42 markers per minute (applies to profile printing only)
  3. Printson various profiles - the printer prints on PVC profiles, shrink sleeves, self-laminating labels, self-adhesive labels and markers
  4. A wide range of optional tools gives excellent additional capabilities - the functionality of PARTEX Promark T-1000 printer can be extended by installing various additional tools, i.e. profile warmer - enabling slinging at low temperature (5°C), automatic profile feeder - providing stable and precise printing on the profile unwound from the roll, connection set to the computer - enabling printing text sent from the computer through the USB port.
  5. Numerous features you won't find in other portable cable mark er printers - including a variety of standard functions such as setting character sizes, spacing and margins, and the ability to save multiple files - it's hard to imagine that all this can fit into such a small device

What are the main advantages of the PARTEX Promark T-1000 cable marker printer?

  • It feeds, prints (at max. 40 mm/sec) and slits profiles that are fed in from the outside or unwound from internal cassettes.
  • New product index menus - select a profile from Partex and the printer will automatically set the position of the text on the marker and the appropriate cutting depth.
  • Text can be entered via the built-in keyboard or transferred from a PC
  • Controlled by the latest Promark Creator software.
  • Easy to use, ideal for marking electrical installations and components in switchgear and control cabinets.
  • T-1000 accessories are compatible with Partex T-800, MK8-STD and MK8-PRO printers.
  • Printer menu available in 8 language versions: Polish, English, German, French, Swedish, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Data sheet


Karta Katalogowa PARTEX ProMark T-2000

Download (1.61MB)

Instrukcja obsługi

Instrukcja obsługi PARTEX ProMark T-2000

Download (4.76MB)

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