Label printer – how to choose it?

Label printer – how to choose it?

If you want to buy a specialized device that can be divided according to the criteria of functionality, we always face the need to familiarize yourself with its specifics. We must have a clearly defined purpose of purchase, know what we will use the product for and in what frequency. This is also the case with label printers – this equipment is used in the broadly understood trade and industry, it is used primarily to mark goods or products. It has an important function, so you need to make every effort to choose the most appropriate type. So let's look at the types of label printers and pay attention to the proposals of manufacturers whose products are worth considering. The number of companies involved in the production of such devices is not at all small and novice entrepreneurs may have trouble determining which printer best suits their needs and requirements. In this case, at least minimal discernment is necessary, after all, no one wants to invest in a device that will not meet certain expectations. 

Determining your needs

Whether we have our own small business or work in industry or in production, labels will certainly be needed at some stage of the work. The first question we have to answer is whether we are interested in a thermal or thermal transfer printer. The former, unfortunately, involves the creation of labels, whose durability and resistance to external conditions leaves much to be desired, so many people immediately decide on the second variant. Not without significance is also the possibility of printing in color, which thermal counterparts do not allow. We can ask ourselves a few auxiliary questions, thanks to which it will certainly be easier to define the profile of our expectations. Another device will be needed in a construction equipment store, and another will be useful for a small, one-man enterprise making hand jewelry. Secondly, how often will we use it? Small, compact models will certainly not work in a situation where we have to print several dozen labels a day. It is also worth considering whether we need basic variants or those that can, for example, be connected to the company's wireless network. Label printer Brother is just such a proposal for professionals running their own business. This manufacturer basically focuses on customers looking for more complex solutions. An alternative for people who do not need advanced options will be a label printer Dymo, this manufacturer has in its offer intuitive products that even novice traders can certainly cope with. The so-called middle option, i.e. a universal product that will be useful to people who want to develop their business, will be a label printer Zebra. Of course, each of the above-mentioned manufacturers has in its assortment various types of printers, but the above generalization can be extremely valuable information for people looking for their first device of this type.

Key parameters

Determining your own needs is not easy, but once you manage to define them, we can think about its specific specifications. It does not matter if we are interested in a printer dymoor we are looking for other manufacturers, the most important feature will always be the resolution of the print itself. Let's pay attention to DPI, because it is this information that will be crucial in this context. Let's remember about the universal rule – higher resolution equals higher print quality, which is of considerable importance especially with larger labels. It is also worth looking for models that can be easily connected to a computer (so let's look for USB outputs, not older ones – RD232). Not every device is compatible with all operating systems (especially if we use less popular ones such as iOS or Linux). Finally, let's consider whether we will need a mobile or stationary device. If we are interested in a printer Zebra, Dymo or Brother or decide on another brand at all, remember that comparing the parameters with your expectations is a must, so let's keep in mind the above information, and we will certainly be able to choose a device tailored to our requirements.