PVC Profiles

PVC profiles and heat shrink sleeves are the most commonly used, as well as the cheapest way to mark wires. Marking the cable with a profile or heat shrink tube is quick and easy - just apply the printed profile to the cable and the marking is ready!

We offer PVC profiles for printing dedicated to various models of specialized printers of markups from renowned manufacturers, i.e. Partex, Canon, Biovin or Supvan. In this category there are profiles for printing for such popular printer models as K900, S700E, TP80E or M1 Pro V.

Our PVC profiles for printing are available in yellow and white, packed in rolls of 100 or 200 m. We offer markers with a wide range of diameters - 0d 6 mm. This allows you to choose the right profile, matching the cable so that it is easy to install and firmly sticks to the cable.

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