Zebra Printers

Label Printer Zebra TLP-2824PLUS

10-14 days
TLP 2824 PLUS label printer thermal transfer printing, print speed 102mm/sec., print resolution 203dpi, max. printing width 56mm
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ZD620 desktop printer Zebra

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Printer Zebra ZD620
Printing technologies: thermal transfer or thermal printing
ZPL and EPL programming languages
5 status icons, 3-button user interface
USB 2.0, USB host, serial, Ethernet, low-energy Bluetooth (BLE)
Media movement control arm
OpenACCESS™ design for easy media loading
Double-walled housing
Real-time clock
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ZD421 desktop label printer zebra

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The ZD421 thermal printer is the successor to the popular and successful GK series, they are up to 700% faster than them and 30% more powerful than the ZD420 printers.There is a thermal version, a thermal transfer version, and there are even special models designed for the healthcare sector.
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ZT421 Industrial Zebra Printer

The ZT421 Zebra printer is a reliable and extremely efficient industrial device. Thermal and thermal transfer printing at 203 dpi (optional 300 dpi) and printing at 305 mm/s gives versatile application possibilities.
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ZC300 zebra Card Printer

The ZC300 is a medium-duty printer offering single-sided or double-sided plastic card printing. It allows the production of loyalty, payment, membership cards or identifiers using color or monochrome tapes. Automatically adjusting to the thickness of the cards, the ZC300 Series printers print faster and better. The ZC300 hides all this technology in a case with record-breaking dimensions. With a maximum width of 167 mm, the printer fits in any, even the smallest working space.
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Industrial Printer Zebra ZT510

The ZT510 is a combination of industrial quality and affordability. The device, in addition to a durable housing and a range of connectivity options, has advanced management and monitoring functions. They ensure smooth user work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Industrial Printer Zebra ZT610

Semi-industrial label printer
Intuitive graphical user interface
Easy loading of media and tape
Communication via Ethernet and Bluetooth
Enhanced RFID functions
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ZD220 Zebra Label Printer

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ZD220 label printer, thermal transfer printing or thermal printing width max. 104mm, print resolution 203dpi, print speed 102mm/s, USB
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copy of Zebra GK-420T

10-14 dni
Drukarka etykiet GK 420T, druk termotransferowy lub termiczny szerokość druku max. 104mm, rozdzielczość druku 203dpi, szybkość druku 127mm/s, orientacja druku 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
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Zebra Label Printer GX-430T

thermal transfer printing
print speed up to 102 mm
high print quality (300dpi)
Memory: 8 MB RAM, 4 MB Flash
programming language EPL2, ZPL, ZPL2
wide range of wired and wireless interfaces
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