Semi-industrial label printers

Semi-industrial label printers designed for production conditions allow you to accurately identify processes from start to finish. They are used in rooms where space is extremely valuable. They are characterized by high efficiency and durability. The devices are durable and reliable in demanding industrial environments. Ideal for cramped rooms and limited workspace, the small footprint of the printer increases productivity, reduces error rates, and accelerates productivity at work. The devices take up less than half the space of traditional industrial label printers, allowing operators to maintain valuable workspace.

Print faster and better with our label printers, increasing the productivity of your employees and your business while minimizing costs and valuable time.

Semi-industrial printer Zebra ZT-220 203 dpi

10-14 days
ZT 220 label printer, thermal or thermal transfer printing, print speed 152 mm/sec, print resolution 203dpi, max. printing width 104mm, max tracing paper length 300m
734.58 zł netto €903.53 z VAT

ZT421 Industrial Zebra Printer

The ZT421 Zebra printer is a reliable and extremely efficient industrial device. Thermal and thermal transfer printing at 203 dpi (optional 300 dpi) and printing at 305 mm/s gives versatile application possibilities.
3293.49 zł netto €4,050.99 z VAT

MK10-EOS5 - Thermal Transfer Printer

MK10-EOS5 - Thermal transfer printer.
Product features
New colour touchscreen display.
A professional, highly efficient printer for the production of a large number of markers for cables, wires and electrical components.
Feeds, prints and perforates Partex brand profiles.
Mk10-EOS5 is a device for industrial applications, ideal for marking electrical installations and control cabinet components.
The printer is connected to the computer via a USB port and controlled by the Promark Creator software.
The printer is also available in the mobile version MK10-EOS5-MOBILE. It is equipped with a battery, thanks to which it does not need to be connected to the network.
Wi-Fi module (optional).
Included: power cord, USB cable, PROMARK CREATOR software (one year subscription)
1487.03 zł netto €1,829.05 z VAT

Industrial Printer Zebra ZT610

Semi-industrial label printer
Intuitive graphical user interface
Easy loading of media and tape
Communication via Ethernet and Bluetooth
Enhanced RFID functions
4100.89 zł netto €5,044.10 z VAT