Colour label printers

Colour label printers

Label printers are devices that have a very versatile application. They are used to print various types of labels on their own, from the simplest, containing only a bar code, to more complex designs of tickets, business cards, identifiers, coupons, bills, etc. Thanks to the label printer, there is no need to order printing outside, which involves additional costs and long waiting times. Label printers allow you to fully independently print the necessary materials in a few moments, achieving excellent print quality, in an amount strictly corresponding to current needs. They guarantee independence and the ability to react quickly in the event of a sudden need to print labels. In addition, label printers allow you to print in color, which significantly increases the attractiveness and opens up many new possibilities. Our offer includes a large selection of color label printers, thanks to which you can print beautiful, multi-colored materials - attracting attention and distinguishing from the competition. The offered devices are characterized by the latest technology and excellent technical parameters. They are extremely efficient and reliable. The equipment available in the store comes from proven manufacturers who are leaders in the color label printer industry. This is a guarantee of top-class devices. Color label printers are essential equipment in many different industries: industry, services, as well as trade. 

Use of color label printers

The main task of devices such as color label printers is to print various types of materials. Their use is very wide. A color label printer will be useful for printing, among others: bar codes, tags, tickets, business cards, stickers, price tags, identifiers, passes, vouchers, coupons, bills, labels. Thanks to the possibility of printing in color, materials will significantly gain in attractiveness. Color label printers have the ability to use various types of rolls, of different widths. As a result, you can get labels of various sizes, which will be useful for marking the contents of folders and files, shelves, folders and binders in which documents are located, archiving various types of files, describing larger items, for example, boxes and boxes that are used for storage. Thanks to the use of practical labels, all elements will be segregated, organized and easy to find every day. Printed, colored labels are also useful during inventory, for addressing shipments, maintaining traffic in production, printing health and safety markings and nameplates, personalizing devices and machines, marking and describing all devices. The colour label printer is also used in everyday work in the office. 

Colour label printers are useful in the following industries:

  • electricians/power engineering,
  • industrial automation,
  • health service

  • Laboratories

  • e-commerce,

  • handicraft

  • gastronomy

  • agriculture

  • trade

  • industry

  • optical industry,

  • catering companies,

  • furniture industry,

  • car mechanics/vulcanization, 

  • food industry, bakeries, confectioneries. 

Types of Color Label Printers

Our offer includes various types of color label printers in standard or industrial versions. We offer a wide range of desktop and portable printers. They are characterized by compact size, and portable with additional mobility, which allows you to take the printer with you and print labels at the place of service. Desktop printers, on the other hand, easily fit in any office. The devices are equipped with the most modern heads that apply colors in an extremely precise and accurate way. The printing process is fast and very efficient. Color printers available in our store print professional labels of various types, for example thermal, thermal transfer, foil, specialized, inventory, personalized labels. Accessories such as thermal transfer tapes and carbon papers as well as a number of other additional elements are also available. Color label printers can have standard equipment or supplemented with, for example, a knife for cutting finished prints, a cutter or a stand that is useful for storing printed labels. A large selection of devices and accessories of the highest quality means that everyone will find equipment perfectly tailored to individual needs and capabilities. 

Color Label Printer Manufacturers

We offer color label printers from renowned manufacturers who are industry leaders, companies such asBrother   or swiftcolor. A proven and trusted manufacturer is a guarantee of reliability and durability of devices. The label printers available in our store are also characterized by the latest technological solutions and intuitive operation that everyone can handle. In addition, the equipment is characterized by a great design and is made very solidly. The solutions used allow you to print the highest quality materials with deep color saturation. The equipment works quietly, quickly and efficiently. The manufacturers we work with also offer the highest quality service, but thanks to the truly proven quality, the devices are practically trouble-free. 

Color label printers - price 

The color label printers offered in our store are characterized by an excellent price-quality ratio. The cost you have to pay for the purchase of the device varies depending on the model and the printing functions available in it. In order to choose the device that best suits your individual needs, you should first consider what the label printer will be used for and how often. Based on this, you can choose a basic or more advanced printer model. The price of color label printers available in our store is adequate to their quality. Basic models start from several hundred zlotys. 

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Color Label Printer VC-500W Brother

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Print color labels and images in photographic quality without ink
Compact desktop colour label printer. A revolutionary product on the office equipment market. For the first time, you have the opportunity to print labels in any color combination, ideal for marking personal files, documents or archiving, for example, company logo or photos of employees on the entrance cards to the office.
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