Portable Label Printers

A portable label printer – compact and functional – essential in almost any industry.

A mobile label printer is a device with many applications. Thanks to this, its popularity is becoming more and more every year. A label printer in mobile form is a compact device that is necessary, among others, in stores, warehouses, offices, wholesalers or offices. A mobile label printer will print a barcode, price or receipt in seconds. This allows you to realistically increase the productivity of employees, because it saves time – an employee equipped with a mobile label printer does not need to move to another room several times to print the necessary labels, does not waste time – he does everything on the spot, immediately. More and more stores are using these devices to print receipts. This solution is extremely practical – it significantly improves the sales process. These devices are used as mobile ticket offices, which works very well at all kinds of outdoor events, where it is necessary to create ticket offices in temporary places. Thanks to their small size and mobility, these devices can be taken anywhere, regardless of access to a power source. A mobile label printer is also an essential purchase for employees in marketplaces. We offer the best devices of brands such as m.in.: Brother, Brady,  Dymo, Zebra, Casio, Citizen, Epson, Canon, The mobile label printers we offer are resistant to external conditions and have capacious batteries that allow for the longest possible wireless operation.

Types of portable label printers

The small size of the device, which is a portable label printer, hides a surprising number of functions. Manufacturers make sure that this type of device is getting smaller, while increasing the number of functions available on portable printers. The capacious battery makes the mobile label printer a truly mobile and independent device. The labels printed in this way are of high quality – they are also characterized by durability. Due to the increase in the capabilities of printers, e.g. with the possibility of printing also barcodes, their functionality increases, and thus also their usability. On devices, it is possible to edit the label and adjust it to our needs. Mobile label printers allow for more and more wide application, thanks to the use of large possibilities in the field of label design and formatting. In addition, you can also choose the size of the label and the material on which it will be printed.

Use of portable label printers

One of the most important features of portable label printers is their versatility, thanks to which the devices are used in many working environments. These devices are used in many industries such as m.in:


  • trade – as a useful tool in stores, wholesalers, used to identify goods

  • food industry – as a tool for marking goods, e.g. bottles or bread

  • electrics – marking wires or cables

  • medical industry – in particular pharmacies and laboratories, thanks to labels it is possible to mark test tubes or medicines

  • gardening (even home gardening) allows you to mark seedlings for their quick identification

  • logistics – marking products intended for transport

  • office – marking places that are used to store documents, it allows them to be quickly found


Such devices are also used on a large scale by people working in the field, e.g. employees of gas plants or paid parking lots. Extremely different industries, however, in all, portable label printers perform a similar function – they help to maintain order and order. Quick identification of sought goods or documents speeds up work, it also allows you to minimize the risk of making a mistake.

Portable Label Printer Manufacturers

The devices we offer for printing labels, receipts or barcodes are manufactured by the best manufacturers on the market, whose equipment we have been happy to use for many years. Brother, Citizen, Epson, Brady, Partex, Canon, Zebra, Casio, TSC, Biovin, Dymo, Supvan. - are one of the most valued equipment manufacturers on the market, so when buying their equipment, we can be sure of its high quality. Convenience of use, which in addition to a simple interface ensures a good fit of the device to the hand, facilitates the use of portable label printers and makes it comfortable and handy. Printers proposed by us manufacturers work quickly and precisely. In the offered portable label printers, great importance was paid to the durability of the device – the quality of the housing, its resistance to adverse external conditions. These devices are also characterized by precision and high print quality.

Portable Label Printers Price

The price of the device depends on many factors, primarily the number of functions that a portable label printer provides. Versatility of use, the ability to use convenient shortcuts, many possibilities of personalization – this is what the best mobile label printers provide. When we add to this small size, capacious battery, or the ability to print in color, we additionally increase the usability of the device, which means that we have to reckon with a slightly higher expense. However, it is worth remembering that the purchase of a high-quality device is an investment thanks to which we will save the employee's time – which really translates into the company's profit.

A portable label printer is a device that is extremely useful in many areas. Thanks to its versatility, the purchase is always the right choice.  Streamlining work and increasing comfort promotes productivity, which is extremely important in any for-profit industry.

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