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We are a store that focuses on quality, which is why the desktop label printers we offer are effective, durable, made by the best manufacturers from the highest quality materials. We offer a wide range of products so that you will be able to choose the one that interests you the most. If you're looking for larger desktop label printers, you'll find them here. If you need them smaller, no problem, we have them. Regardless of what parameters you will be guided by when choosing the right printer for you (size, type, application, purpose, method of execution and so on), know one thing: we are a store with vast experience, with a diverse assortment, and our task is to make you leave contacting us fully satisfied and satisfied with your choice.

Why should you consider buying a desktop label printer? The answer seems simple, although not so obvious to many customers. First of all: you have a printer at home and you don't have to worry about the time you would spend without a printer looking for a third-party company that deals with specialized prints. Secondly, you will use the saved time for other purposes. The printer will take care of printing what you need (various texts and formats, for example: tickets, coupons, labels), and you will take care of the work, which, thanks to the printer, will become simpler not only for you, but also for your customers or employees.

Types of desktop label printers and their use

Desktop label printers are used in many branches of the economy, but the most popular are everywhere where there is a sale of specific products, i.e. in trade. Inventory of goods would be extremely burdensome if there were no desktop printers. To streamline the entire process of marking a given product, it is enough to buy the right desktop printer, small and handy, which will improve the entire process in an incredibly efficient way. It should be recalled that desktop printers can be moved from place to place, they are mobile, so you do not have to worry about the fact that we will have to go back to the station where we placed the desktop printer every now and then.


In addition, the printing of product labels is required in institutions such as the post office or in private companies involved in sending letters, parcels and parcels. In sorting plants, desk label printers are used in order to conveniently stick printed labels containing specific information on each shipment. Desktop printers can also be found in places such as cinemas, theaters, shopping malls, swimming pools, gyms, local shops, as well as in doctors' offices. Activities such as inventory, identification of people (wristbands), keeping production moving or personalizing specific tools will become extremely easy using a desktop label printer.


There are several categorizations of desktop label printers. They are divided according to:

  • printing technology (thermal, thermal transfer, dye-sublimation or retransfer)

  • types of labels (paper/synthetic, thermal/thermal transfer, as well as with permanent/removable adhesive)

  • type of adhesive used (durable, removable, specialized with specific parameters 

Thanks to such types of printers, it will be possible to easily print color, foil, thermal transfer, inventory, specialized or dedicated labels, i.e. personalized and created in accordance with the order. When choosing our store, you do not have to worry that you will not find a given type of printer in our assortment. We have taken care of this and we have every type of desktop label printer.

Desktop Label Printers: Manufacturers

In our store you will find desktop label printers from manufacturers such as:

  • Brother (a Japanese company that manufactures office supplies, including label printers)

  • Dymo (an American company that manufactures desktop label printers as well as tapes for thermal transfer printing)

  • Brady (an American company producing, among others, desktop printers for labeling industrial products)

  • Partex (a Swedish company that manufactures printers for marking wires, pipes and other components)

  • TSC (Taiwanese desktop label printer company)

  • Biovin (Malaysian manufacturer of printers for marking, for example, PVC tubes)

  • Supvan (Chinese desktop printer company)

  • Epson (Japanese manufacturer of printers, scanners and projectors)

  • Canon (Japanese desktop label printer company)

  • Citizen (another Japanese manufacturer of desktop printers)

  • Casio (the last Japanese company to manufacture desktop label printers)

Listing the advantages of each of the above-mentioned brands of desktop label printers would be pointless, because you will be able to read the specification of each model by clicking on the printer you are interested in, but know that you will find in our assortment printers printing thermally, thermally transfer or in other ways, you will be able to choose between printers with different resolutions, interfaces, additional options (printers equipped with cutters, peelers, keyboards or label stands), different widths of printing and labels, different sizes of the outer roll diameter. In our store you will find printers with different programming languages, with or without displays or those that will have an RFID module. The choice will be limited only by the wealth of your wallet. You will decide what kind of printer you will be most interested in and what you will need it for.  

In addition to the printers themselves, our store will offer you a wide range of consumable products that will be necessary for the proper functioning of the desktop label printer. So you will find with us, of course, labels, inks, films, tapes, paper.

Desktop Label Printers: Price

Prices for printers that you will find in our offer will of course differ from each other due to various parameters: size, application, having additional options or display, as well as due to the brand. Prices will therefore start from several hundred zlotys to several thousand. However, we believe that you will choose the right one for you, because you will definitely find what interests you. And at competitive prices.

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